Activities for Nogcus Council

September 8th                                Social Meeting
September 22nd                             Business Meeting

October 1st                                    Appreciation Day    3 p.m.
October 13th                                  Social Meeting
October 28th                                  October 28th Official Visit
October 29th                                  Halloween Party      5 p.m.

November 10th                              Business Meeting
November 24th                              Thanksgiving  (no meeting)    

December 2nd & 3rd                     Bake Sale                8 a.m.-2 
December 8th                                Social meeting
December 22nd                             Business Meeting

January 12,2012                            Business Meeting (term report)
January 26th                                  Social Meeting

Febuary 9th                                   Social Meeting   
Febuary 11th                                 Valentine Luncheon    12 NOON
Febuary 23rd                                 Business Meeting                               
March 8th                                             Social Meeting
March 10th                                           St Patrick's Dinner       5 p.m.
March 22nd                                          Business Meeting

April 12th                                              Social Meeting
April 14th                                              Breakfast
April 26th                                              Business Meeting

May10th                                                Social Meeting
May 24th                                               Business Meeting (nomination of officers)
May 26th                                               Memorial Day Luncheon (Vets 1/2 price)

June 1st & 2nd                                       Bake Sale
June 14th                                               Social Meeting
June 28th                                               Business Meeting  (election)

July 4th                                                  Annual Bar-b-que
July 12th                                                Business Meeting
                                                             Term Report/Elect delegates
July 26th                                                Business Meeting
                                                              Installation of officers