Visiting Solari
This official visit to Solari
Thelma,Shari Diebold,Rita,Dolores,Doris and
Director of facility (Candice)
Convention..Bakersfield,Ca  2011     Great Pocahontas Dolores Ramirez' Suite of Officers Great Pocahontas...Dolores Ramirez/Great Sachem..Gene the Luau Presentation to Great Pocahontas Dolores Rameriz
Our Great Pocahontas
Dolores Ramirez at 2011
Homecoming of Great Pocahontas
Dolores Rameriz ----Patriotic Theme
Bake Sale    September 1st and 2nd   Dolores and Thelma Yard Sale September 1st and 2nd Rita and Doris at yard sale Rita and Deede at yard sale.Was very hot but these 2 were cool Day 2 of yard sale and things are going fast.
Presentation of gifts to
Great Pocahontas
Dolores Ramirez

Yard Sale and Bake Sale
September2nd and 3rd  2011